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Application of external circulars to the Southern Provincial Council in accordance with Provincial Council Financial Rules 562 --- Get the Letter---

Implementation of the five-year strategic plan, annual action plan and annual performance evaluation accordingly--- Download Letter---

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Chief Secretariat

Chief Secretariat in Southern Provincial Council is located in the Galle town, the capital of the Southern Province. A The district of Galle which consists of attractive beaches, Sinharaja Tropical rain forest being a world heritage, ramparts remaining as the ruins of colonization and the Galle port on the sea route connecting the Western and the Eastern countries

    Chief Secretariat Achivments

  • The Chief Secretariat of the Southern Province participated in the "National Productivity Awards Competition - 2020" and won the 1st place in the Inter Provincial Ministries category.

  • The Chief Secretariat, Southern Province has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of conformity for providing all Administrative and Management activities related to the Administration, Establishment, Personal Development, Training, Accounts & Payment, Budget, Finance, Legal, Supplies, and Statistics of Southern Provincial Council Organizations

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Our Training Centers & Holiday Resorts

The Southern Provincial Council has one training institute and two holiday resorts. They provide necessary training to the public servants of the Southern Provincial Council.

The Management Development Training Institute (MDTI) is the premier institute for the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes of public officers in the Southern Province..... More


Boogahapalessa Holiday resort is managed under the direct supervision of the Chief Secretary of the Southern Province. 07 km towards Tissa in a very quiet area.... More


Mayurapura holiday resort is managed under the direct supervision of the Chief Secretary of the Southern Province. It is also a government institution that can house..... More