IT Branch

Role of the IT unit

The main role of the IT unit is to support and enable the use of ICTs as a strategic tool to improve the management and day to day running of the organization.

Functions of the IT Unit

  • Lanka Government Network (LAN) Administration.
  • Applications and Information Systems, their development, customization, user training and maintenance.
  • Development of websites and other web based applications.
  • Financial management and accounting applications
  • Human resource management applications
  • Stores management applications
  • General databases
  • Designing and implementing user support strategies
  • Organization wide IT policy and Project management
  • Prepare Evaluation reports when procuring IT equipment, systems and services.
  • Provide bulk sms service.
  • Execution of Government Programmes ("Tell President" programme, e-Puraneguma Programme...)
  • Updating of Virus guards
  • Computer maintenance and support services.


Mrs. N.H. Charitha Gayani


Tel: 091-3094829