Development Branch

Functions of the Development Section

  • To carry on co-ordination through chief secretary’s office with regard to project implemented under special aid in southern province.
  • To co-ordinate the activities with regard to the meeting of the water supply committee of the southern province.
  • To carry on construction and other development activities of the Ministry building complex at Labuduwa.
  • To organize public functions and other functions in the southern province.
  • To Co-ordinate with relevant institutions and provide information for questions referred by the provincial council, the parliament, public petitions, Committee of the Ministry of the Local Government and Provincial Councils.
  • To update the register of invitees annually and to prepare the diary to be printed by the provincial council.
  • To call for edit and send to the Governor monthly reports on progress and important happenings of the provincial Ministries.
  • To maintain coordinating activities with regard to the information sent by the financial Commission on various development activities performed under the provincial specific development grants, criteria based grants, provisions allocated for the members of the provincial council.
  • Coordinating activities with regard to the land acquisition for development activities.
  • Coordinating process for the Scholarships given by the president’s fund to the students, those who studies G.C.E Advanced Level.
  • The rapid development programs of the central government and the Southern Provincial are Coordinated.
  • To prepare annual policy statement of the provincial council and to perform other activities in that regard.
  • Urgent Compensation payments with regard to the subject of disaster management.
  • To coordinate the relevant activities with regard to the letters and petitions sent by the presidential secretariats.
  • Other special tasks assigned by the Chief  Secretary
  • All the works which are connected to the Educational Program of Southern Province
    • The Program, Implementing of Schools which are less than 50 students.
    • The Program of 5000 Primary Schools and 1000 Secondary Schools.
    • Educational Development program Funded by World Bank (ESDFP).
    • Others
  • Coordinating Works which are not related to Development Planning, but related to Ministries, Governor’s Office, Departments of Southern Province and Central Government.
  • Child and Women affairs.
  • Health Programs.  


Mr. K.H.A.S. de Silva

Assistant Director (Planning)