Administration Branch

Functions of the Administration Section

  • Activities pertaining to the vehicles belonging to the Southern Provincial Council.
  • Activities related to the construction of building belonging to the Southern Provincial Council.
  • Activities with respect to quarters of the Southern Provincial Council and recovery of rent for quarters and settlement of office telephone bills and telephone bills of staff officers.
  • Activities related to repairs to the Chief Secretary’s Office, Chief Secretary’s Official residence of Labuduwa, Management Development and Training Institute- Wackwella.
  • Activities pertaining to salary increments, salary conversion for the removal of salary anomalies, personal files of officers, performance appraisal reports of staff officers of the Chief Secretary’s Office.
  • Establishment matters related to the offices of Deputy Chief Secretary (Engineering Services), Deputy Chief Secretary (Planning) and Provincial Revenue Department.
  • Approving overtime of the officers in the Southern Provincial Public Service.
  • Activities pertaining to the transfer of officers of the Southern Provincial Council.


Mrs. R.U.I. Dissanayake

Assistant Chief Secretary (Administration)

Tel: +94912246297