Accounts Branch

Role of the Accounts Branch

  • Carry out activities regarding all receipts and payments of the Chief Secretary’s Office.
  • Carry out all accounting activities in regard to the head of expenditure of the Chief Secretary’s Office.
  • Prepare annual estimates for the Head of expenditure of the Chief Secretary’s Office.
  • Prepare the annual appropriation account.
  • Prepare bank accounts and bank reconciliation statements.
  • Issue imprests and financial provisions to divisional secretariat
  • Prepare and reconciliation consolidated account of the Divisional Secretariats.
  • Maintain the advances to public officers.
  • Maintain the commercial advanced account of the Institute of Training, Wackwella.
  • Prepare the general deposit account.
  • Reply to audit inquiries and to committee of accounts on the of the Provincial Fund account
  • Issue block grants to ministries and departments within the province.
  • Procurement activities.
  • Stores management
  • Maintain Machinery and Equipment’s.
  • Perform duties relating to Southern Provincial Development Plan.
  • Financial management of the Chief Secretary Office and Divisional Secretaries.



Mr. Wasantha Ranawaka

Accountant (Supply)

Tel: +94-91-2246904